Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: K. Michelle's "Hard To Do"

K. Michelle released her sophomore cd "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart" this week. I am no fan of hers, mainly because of her horrible attitude on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." But, I cannot deny, the woman can sing. I gave AWBAH a listen because I love "Maybe I Should Call." I enjoyed the whole project. But, I instantly connected to "Hard To Do." It's my favorite song on the cd. The song sample's Total's "Kissing You" which was one of my favorite songs growing up. The hook and chorus are the parts that cemented it for me. This one has already gotten a lot of play in my house. Get into this song and these lyrics.  

"Cause what you gon do
When I put that pretty thing on you?
I usually don't do this,
But I'll do it for you.

Oh, baby cause...
Missing you is way too hard to do.
I'd rather be fucking you.
Do you mind if I give you love?
Cause I just wanna give you love.
Won't you tell me if I'm doing too much?
Missing you is way too hard to do.

Lately I've been in my feelings.
Dealing with the daily thoughts of missing you.
I ain't dialing but my body's calling for ya,
breaking down.
Gotta give it to you..."

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