Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: Jilll Scott "The Real Thing"

Don't you hate when you forget about a really dope song? I know I do. It's the way I felt when Jill Scott's "The Real Thing" played on Spotify last night. I completely forgot how much this song makes me happy. I've always felt that the lyrics were perfect to describe me. It was my theme song back then. I haven't heard it in years. I played it at least 7 times last night. So, I had to share it here. Get into these lyrics and Jilly from Philly's vocals. They are both e-very-thing!!
"You gotta do right by me it's mandatory baby
Sweeter than your favorite ice cream be,
bask in my glory baby
Don't play no games, that'll ruin thangs
And make me leave ya or mistreat ya and you
don't want that
Don't hesitate, I could make you great
Like Cleopatra Jones I could set you straight 

I'm the real thing in stereo
I got a little highs I got a little lows
Follow this melodic flow
I could make it shine I could make it glow. (repeat twice)
I'm more than a toy for your satisfaction
I'm a pay-per-view for the TV screen,
your main attraction
Your phosphorus, I'm your energy
When your lost and you need some focus
come see me
I'll entice ya man I do it all the time
In the morning in the evening
when the doves cry
I can feed you gut,put you in a tub
When I turn it up yeah brotha you know
what's up
A little bubbles and a body rub,
turn off the water (drip drip)
Don't think about dessert I got enough
And a whole lot more to give!"

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