Monday, March 03, 2014

Get Into It: "House of Cards"

Netflix is well on their way to putting mainstream media out of business. Already scoring a win with the hit with their original programming, I can finally call myself a fan. I've been hearing great things about this relatively new show "House of Cards." I finally sat down to check out episode 1 of the first season. I feel like I am super late getting on this "House of Cards" bus. But, nonetheless, I am on it now. This passed weekend I decided to watch episode one to see if it was worth my time. It was. I am now more than halfway through season one. I cannot get enough of Francis Underwood and the rest of the cast.

"House of Cards" is a political show based in the White House. It deals with relationships, politics, good and bad, right and wrong of everyday people. I love how there are no inherently good or evil characters. Everyone has some interesting point of view. This show is entertaining and exciting. I love the way the stories intertwine. Frank and Claire have the oddest relationship. They are married and are partners in every sense of the word. I like them. They always seem to have each other's back. It's the kind of show that seems to be made for me. I am really enjoying it. You guys show check it out if you haven't already. Netflix is two for two with original series. "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" are both amazingly written and acted shows. Get into them on NetFlix. 

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