Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get Into It: Marsha Ambrosius' EP "FVCK&LOVE

Marsha Ambrosius dropped some new music last week in the form of an EP. It is called "FVCK&LOVE." It's 6 songs deep and I love it. When I first saw the name of it, I read it as "FVCKLOVE" I knew I would be a fan instantly. Lol. Although I was a little wrong about the title, my opinion of the music was right on. Marsha is one of my faves. These songs are actually album worthy to me. If this is the direction that her second cd is going in, I am sure none of her fans will be disappointed. This EP is just to hold her fans over until her second solo cd "Friends & Lovers" is released later this year. My favorite song is "Friends & Lovers" for so many reasons but mainly because #LadiesLoveLyrics!! I really love this project. "FVCK&LOVE" can be downloaded here. You can check out the songs below. Get into Marsha's "FVCK&LOVE."

"Friends & Lovers" - 
"We've been through some of the hardest times.
 But, we made it through it all. 
We made it through. 
I've been to hell and back for you. 
I'd do anything that I could for you.
Oh, I took you in after you lied to me 
and you cried your tears.
And there I was sorry for all I had done to you
now here we are again

We can't be friends and lovers.
It will all end in us hurting each other.
No, we can't be friends and lovers.
Oh I love you but I can't do this again."

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