Wednesday, January 15, 2014

These Are Just My Thoughts

"I've been thinking, I've been thinking..." - Beyonce'

I've started and stopped no less than 6 blog posts in the last week. I would start with an idea but get stuck. They are all issues that are important to me. So, this is just a peek inside my mind. Too many thoughts.

  • Sleep is glorious. I mean, truly restful sleep. I have had the intense pleasure of indulging in it so much this year. I am overly appreciative for it. I needed it. More than I could ever explain in mere words. 
  • I am severely annoyed and I am trying my best not to be. But, it is hard. Because all I really want to do is react. *counts to 10* I have to let people be exactly who they are. And, when they show me their ass, I have to learn to walk away instead of doing something else. It's simple but hard. Also, just because I have love for a person DOES NOT mean that I will just take whatever they give. Nope. Nah. Not. Sorry, I'm not that chick. I live and breathe reciprocity. Give me what I give you. Simple, right? It really is. 

  • I have tickets to go to a premiere of Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy's new movie "About Last Night" which comes out next month. It's tonight and I'm excited to see it. I know it will be funny because Kevin and Regina Hall are both in it and they are hilarious. Will be doing a review of it later this week too. 

  • I finished reading the entire Harry Potter series this week. It only took me 3 weeks to do it. I think that is incredible. Especially since I only read at night and on the weekends. Now, I am searching for something new to read. I need suggestions, por favor? 
  • This year has been worlds better than 2013 already. I do not know what I did to deserve such favor but I am appreciative of it. I know I needed it so I am not complaining. I'm just happy to feel more like myself again. I am growing and I know it. Thank God. 

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