Sunday, January 05, 2014

First of the Year Randoms

  • You ever hear an old song, one you've heard thousands of times before. But, on this particular day at that exact moment, something in that song hits you deep? That has happened to me twice this week with songs I've loved for years. I gained a new perspective and some clarity over an old issue. It was dope in a very weird way. 
  • I began this year on a positive note. Started my gratitude jar. Positive thoughts and a positive outlook are the themes for 2014. Anyone or anything that does not fall within those lines have to go. They are not wanted or needed. The most important person is me this year. May sound selfish but I need to be this way. 
  • Surprise good conversations are good for the soul. And, are needed by this soul. Today was a very dope day. I enjoyed myself immensely. 
  • My Saints won their wild card game against Eagles!!! We are moving forward. Seattle is up next and I cannot wait!! We Won!!! 

  • Started my list of vinyl must haves. This is going to be a very extensive list. I started with the classics. Oh, and owning every Jay Z project on vinyl is a must. This is going to be fun. Also, have to find a local record store so I can go digging in the crates. I'm excited to replace my collection.
  • Since I made up my mind about a few things, I've felt lighter. Like a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I prayed for it, cried for it, wrote through it and I deserve it. I know that. I feel this. I truly believe it. Thank you, God. 
  • I've been reading the Harry Potter books from the beginning. I never read the first 4 and I felt I had to read them. I am currently on Year 5 (The Order of the Phoenix) and am falling more in love with the series (books/movies) as a whole. I do not care who knows I am a Potterhead. Absolutely love it. There is so much more information in the books. J.K. Rowling is an awesome vivid writer. 
  • There is a commercial I love right now. It's a Sprint commercial with James Earl Jones reading the texts. It is hilarious to me. I love them as much as I love the AT&T kid ones. I say "Totes mcgotes" daily. Lol.

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