Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It's 2014!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! There are traditions that I normally do not partake in that I've decided I must today. My first meal of the day (@ 12:01 a.m.) was a piece of baked fish. My lunch was a plate of my Mom's cabbage, black eyed peas and cornbread. Which is amazing cause I hate black eyed peas and I'm not that fond of cabbage. But, the cabbage was great as was the cornbread. The black eyed peas still taste like I remember and I didn't eat all of them. I am all about positivity today and this year. I am expecting the universe to conspire to give me all that I want. I said last night that my resolution in 2014 is more. I want more laughter, happiness, money, prosperity, good experiences, etc. I feel like last year was a year that broke me down to my foundation. Which means that 2014 is a rebuilding year. I will be a better, doper version of myself. A happier, wiser, smarter, funnier Kenda. That is my wish for my 2014. I plan on only doing the things that make me smile and make me money. 

I was already excited about this brand new year. That excitement just rose exponentially after reading my Yahoo 2014 horoscope. Now, I do not live and die by my horoscope. I don't even read it daily anymore. But, the link was reblogged onto my Tumblr dash so I took a look. I was blown away within two sentences. I do not know any other Sag who has dealt with a more isolated year than myself. Reading it gave me chills and made me hopeful. It spoke on my desire for travel and wanting more. It just shows me that I have so much work to do on and for myself this year. I cannot wait. I thought about giving up my blog this year but I know that won't make me happy. Writing makes me happy. This is my happy place, right here on this page. I hope everyone has a fantastic year. We all deserve it the chance to be better, be more this year. Happy 2014, people!!!

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