Saturday, January 04, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: "The Mouth"

Bridget Kelly is a voice I've loved for a few years now. Her EPs stay in rotation. I knew this new one "Cut To....Bridget Kelly" would as well. This track "The Mouth" is one of the standouts to me. Everything about it resonates with me. Everything good or bad starts with the mouth. All the things we say and do when we should or shouldn't involve our mouths. Go ahead and get into BK!

"I will enter into a drowning sea,
And I will enter into a thundering sky, 
And I know what will become of me, yeah
I accept the punishment and won’t ask why!

Because I knew I shouldn’t have gone there,
Know I shouldn’t have said that,
Know I shouldn’t have did that 
Knew I would regret that
Now I can’t undo that one, that one! 

That one last kiss 
That set it off like a wildfire burning inside
I know it all begins, oh
With the mouth, with the mouth!
Never thought it would come to this
But like a moth to a flame, I will follow desire 
And it all begins
Oh, with the mouth, with the mouth!"

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