Saturday, January 11, 2014

Memories From The Mind of Kenda

Random Kenda Fact:

I LOVE MUSIC!! The first two vinyls I owned were New Edition’s “Candy Girl” and Teena Marie’s “Starchild.” Now, decades later, they are still among my favorite projects. 

I remember the day my Dad gave me these two. He picked me up from school and said he had a surprise for me. I didn’t know what it was but I was excited. He was a DJ who instilled this insane love of music in me. When we got home, he told me to go find it in my room. I ran through the house and got to my door which was shut. I flung the door open and screamed. There, on my desk, was a little brown and pink Barbie portable record player and the two albums. You could not tell 4 year old Kenda she wasn’t a DJ also. I was in heaven. 
He showed me how to place the needle ever so gently on the vinyl so I wouldn’t scratch it and how to get to the exact song I wanted to hear. I was in heaven. I must have played “Candy Girl” 50 times before my Mom got home from work that night. I played both records out. Through the years, there would be others that joined the collection. But, these two were the beginning.
It was the moment music was solidified as an integral part of my being. I didn’t know it then but I can see it now. I was extremely proud of my collection. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina :( took them all away. I am just now thinking about restarting my vinyl collection. I need it in my life. 

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