Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reward Me With Loyalty

Loyalty means so much to me. It's a quality I hold in high regard. If you aren't loyal, you aren't shit. I can't trust you. I can't rock with you. As a matter of fact, I don't want you around me. I am uber conscious of who I let into my inner circle. Loyalty, to me, involves trust respect and love. So, if you can't be loyal to me, you must not love, respect or trust me. Why would I want you in my life? I wouldn't. Nor would I allow you to stay. I can't. You can't be trusted. And without trust, we have nothing.

This does not stop at just friends. This goes for family too. Just because you share blood & lineage with a person does not mean they have your best interest at heart. The sad thing is that the most disloyal people are probably at the family reunion with you. Cousin, sister, brother, aunt. They are all suspect. If they've shown their true colors already, then you already know. But some are sneaky and can fly under the radar. And, either way, I am not here for. Keep your disloyal, unethical, non moralistic ass far away from me. That may be mean but the most important person to me is me. I am looking out for my best interest. I am loyal to a fault. It's a character flaw. But, it's who I am.

Disloyal people will get you caught up. Why? Because they can, because they are all about self. And, most importantly they don't care about you. Life is too short to surround yourself with disloyal folks. If you know like I know, you'll get them squares out of your circle. They are snakes. Cut the grass. Their heads will show. I don't ask a lot from people. Loyalty is a must if you want to be a part of my life. It's not that hard. Just be 100 with me because I'll be 100 with you. Brook and the city coined the phrase "Loyalty is vintage" and she is so right. No truer words. Loyalty is everything. You should get into it.

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