Thursday, February 21, 2013

Around These E-Streets (IV)

I am a voracious reader. Whether it is books, magazines or online, I am almost always reading something. I wanted to share so interesting things I ran across this last week or some on the web. Hope you guys enjoy it.

° Is There A "Right" Age To Have Children? Clearly, I should not have read this article. It talks about how Black people should wait until they are between 30-35 to have kids. Just great, I'm already halfway through those ages. Anyway, good read.

° The "natural hair movement" is a hot button issue in the Black community. This article takes a deeper look into things. It was a very interesting read. I find that White people are more intrigued about my hair inits natural state than anyone else.

° I, for one, have not forgotten about Trayvon Martin. I am keeping up with the case. I just read this article that states that his parents are planning a civil suit against Zimmerman, the man who murdered their child. The trial isn't coming fast enough for me. I want justice for Trayvon and his parents.

° Also, the Jordan Davis case has my attention as well. This article focuses on the parents of Davis on what would have been his 18th birthday. Less than 3 months ago, Davis was killed for no reason by a white man. This is another trial that I will be watching.

° Necole Bitchie runs a very successful entertainment blog. This article talks about her journey. I loved the insight on her.

° Just so you guys know, this could not have been me. An old, clearly drunk White man called a toddler a n---er and slapped the kid in the face on a flight. You can read about it here. I would have blacked out on this man. How do you slap a kid in the face and think that it is ok? What is wrong with people??

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