Monday, December 30, 2013

Things To Leave in 2013

The first six are things I want the world to leave behind. The last 7 are personal. All of these are things that need not to exist in the world moving into 2014. I do love making lists. So, let's dish. 

  1. Twerking. Or rather the appropriated version of it that Miley Cyrus and white America is doing. We've been doing it for years. It was glorious before. It's been ruined now. Ruined. (in my Stewie from Family Guy voice). Just stop it.
  2. -flow. Work flow. School flow. Club flow. Gym flow. Oh hell no. It's annoying and overused and quite infantile. There is no flow. You're either there or you aren't. I hate to see these hashtags on all social media sites. Over it.
  3. Random folks asking to or just touching my natural hair - Do not touch my hair. I don't like it. I will get real ethnic real quick if you do. This is not a petting zoo. My hair is not for your consumption. It's my hair and I do not know where your hands have been. Keep your hands to yourself. Or else. 
  4. White folks acting like white privilege and racism doesn't exist - Too many things happened this year. All of them bad when it came to white people saying/doing/being overtly racist and close-minded. I would love for them all to go and buy a blue's clue. 
  5. Appropriation of Black culture - Yes, this has been going on for decades. But, I've had enough of it this year. How can one race take things from another race that is so full of flavor and soul and water it down so much that it is barely recognizable? See point number one about Miley "I have no clue what twerking is so I just shake my long back" Cyrus. Just stop it, people. 
  6. FOX News - Seriously. Everything about this channel and the people who work for them is ridiculous. These folks are delusional, out of touch, racist, crazy people. It is literally like watching the televised version of the National Enquirer. They seem to pull stories & "facts" out of there butts. I cannot with any of them. 
  7. The Faux Celebrity. - I hate this trend of making stupid, vapid, talent-less people famous. I'm talking to you, Kardashian family, Sarah Palin, Honey BooBoo family and the Duck Dynasty people. Why do we continue to give these random folks country? Why can't they all go far, far away?
  8. Sadness.- I am so far over it. I need a new word for over (cc: Carrie Bradshaw in Season 6). I carried sadness around with me like a new Celine bag. It was heavy. It weighed me down. It changed me. I did not ask for it nor did I like it. It can stay in this year with the rest of the things I won't need in the future.
  9. Letting the actions of others affect me negatively. - This is a bad habit that has to go. It's been proven that the only person looking out for me is me. So, no, I can't keep doing the same old things. 
  10. Saying instead of Doing. - The time for talking is over. The time now is for action. It's just that simple. I owe it to myself to move. I spent too much time this year stationary, existing not living. That simply will not do any longer.
  11. Biting My Tongue To Keep The Peace.- Because no. I'm not saying that I have to say everything that crosses my mind but there are things that I should say to make myself feel better. Suppressing things aren't healthy. People will deal. Or not. Either way, I won't have to worry about all the things I should have said.
  12. Fear. - I conquered some huge fears in the past. This year, two of them resurfaced in a huge way. I know I can work through them again. It's going to be extra hard since that wall is back up and stronger than ever. I have to do it though.
  13. Options vs Priorities. - People who decide that I am no longer a priority to them and make me an option will end up the same way. I am all about reciprocity in my life. I need people around me who cherish me in the same way. No more riding for those who won't even walk for me. Gone are the days of fighting for those who won;t fight for me. If they want out, I will hold the door open for them. Their loss. It's silly of me to keep fighting the same battle and losing the war. I'm worth it damn it. Get into that. Everyone is officially on notice. Get right or get left. 

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