Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Year Folks Lost Their Minds

2013 was the year of absolute nonsense. It was also the year white people said to hell with being politically correct about anything ever. There was an abundance of things that just reeked of pure racism this year. The main thing that comes to mind is Trayvon Martin's killer (I no longer write/say his name) being found not guilty. That was the moment when I truly became disillusioned with the U.S. justice system. Tryavon was racially profiled, hunted and killed as if he wasn't a young guy. And, a jury let his killer walk free. Since then, his killer has been in the news continually for speeding and domestic violence. I mean, who would've guessed that the wannabe cop turned murderer would have anger issues? *rolling eyes* Things did not get any better. We are days away from a brand new year and Twitter is showing us how stupid people are in general.

I love Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook but I know how to use it. I don't post all of my business all over them. Some folks have yet to realize that this is the catch 22 that is social media. If you are less than smart, racist, homophobic, or politically incorrect, any social media will give you the platform to promote that crap. In the past two weeks, I have witnesses two different PR's tweet the dumbest things. They both were White women who were then dragged all over the Internet. They consequently lost their jobs as they should have. The tweets are above so you can see it for yourselves. I was truly shocked by the Justine Sacco tweet. People are truly uninformed and ok with that. My thirst for knowledge doesn't allow me to be ok with only knowing a little. Add, Phil "Blacks were happy, singing in the cotton fields" Robinson from "Duck Dynasty," Megyn "Santa Claus is a White man" Kelly from FOX News, and no list would be complete without Sarah "I can see Russia from my house" Palin. Clearly, these people were all left behind. Their views are skewed, narrow, myopic and most importantly, dead wrong. 

This was the year that they applauded Miley Cyrus' dismal attempt at twerking. It was awful. So, let's clear this up, what Miley was attempting to do was something one has to have a butt for. She does not so she does not qualify. There is nothing authentic about Miley's new demeanor. It seems forced and feels contrite and a pale version of Black culture. Another ridiculous way of appropriating Black culture. And, the sad thing is, the girl can actually sing. But, I am not here for her antics and gimmicks. I'd like her to go away. She can take Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber with her too, por favor. None of these things were funny, sexy, cute or right. This was a year long episode of white people gone way wrong. And, I, for one, hope that 2014 ends this trend. Leave this level of stupidity in this year. I beg of you.  

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