Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let's Talk About: TV Talk Shows

Every fall there are a crop of new talk shows that are ushered in. This season was no different. I was every excited about two returning talk show hosts, Queen Latifah and Arsenio Hall as well as Bethenny Frankel. I figured that Queen and Arsenio's shows would be great because they've done this before. I also thought that Bethenny's show would be rough at first but then find its stride. Out of the three, Queen's show is my favorite. "The Queen Latifah Show" is the clear winner of the freshman crop of shows. I LOVE everything about it from her personality to the guest DJ's all the way down to the Lenny Kravitz designed set. It's just golden. She has always been very relatable to me. She is funny and smart and a people person. I love the informal way she interviews her guests. I really love her show. I hope it sticks around for a while. 

"The Arsenio Hall Show" is back. I still like him. But, I feel like his opening monologues and skits are stuck in the 90's. The best thing about his show are still the performances. I love them. He has always had his finger on the pulse of what's hot and relevant in the music business. That is his saving grace to me. I do not run to watch it every night like I did as a kid. But, I make sure to catch certain interviews like when he had the cast of "The Best Man Holiday" on two nights in a row. And, I've seen some great performances as well. I think he's getting his stride back. It has improved greatly since that first week. One show I do not think that will make it passed this season is "Bethenny." I loved her on "Real Housewives of New York" and her spin-off shows "Bethenny Getting Married" & "Bethenny Ever After." But, her personality does not translate well to a talk show host. She appears stiff and rude and boring. I have only seen it a handful of times but that was enough. I don't care for it. The ratings are dismal as well. I had such high hopes for it. Anyway, hope you guys are supporting the shows you like! 

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