Sunday, December 08, 2013

Thank God for your 30's...

My birthday is this coming Saturday. Yikes! I'm truly not ready. Around my 28th birthday, I started dreading my 30th. To me, 30 represented the age one should have it together. Career, marriage, family, and home should be in place. I was so far from that. I didn't even know if I truly wanted it. Turning 30 became, something I wanted to avoid. Right before that birthday, I realized that I was blessed. I knew too many folks who didn't make it to see their 30th birthday. So, I embraced it. Especially since I didn't look it.

My 30's ushered in something wonderful. The 3 years after 30 were some of my happiest ever. I know I wouldn't have appreciated it in my 20's. I didn't mind turning 31,32, or 33. Now that I'm days away from my 34th, that feeling is back. I'm not happy about this birthday. I back to that place I was before my 30th. So, in am effort to turn it around, I'm thinking about all the wisdom that I've gained so far in my 30's. I posted the below on my Tumblr yesterday.

Thank God for your 30's... 
I’m thankful for the wisdom that comes when you cross the threshold of 30…for a plethora of reasons.All the things you think, do, say, believe in your 20’s will drastically change in your 30’s…if you’re lucky. 
In your 20’s, you THINK you know it all. In your 30’s, you KNOW you do not.  
I ran the streets in my 20’s. I was in every club, knew the dj's, bouncers and bartenders. I loved going out. Then, it got old. And, I grew up. 
You will too.

What have your 30's taught you? I know God has a plan for all of us. I thought I knew about mine. I've been proven wrong. So, the one thing I truly want for my birthday is a clue. I've spent too much time thinking I'm doing the wrong thing. Oh and tulips. Tulips on my birthday would make my day. I guess I could always go buy my own, right? It's officially my birthday week. Let's all pray that it's a happy one. Here's to 34 & prospering! Happy Birthday Week To Me!! 

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