Monday, December 09, 2013

Random Thoughts of a December Baby

  • You know what song still makes me happy and want to dance? Pharrell's "Happy." No matter what is going on this song always makes me smile.  

  • Yesterday was a really great day. Truly. Started off my birthday week in a dope way. Had birthday brunch, which included great eats and wonderful conversation with my best friend, my brother from another mother. Stayed in the restaurant for over 3 hours. Much needed laughter and talk. 
  • Sunday's weather was anything but nice. It was cold and foggy and misty. This did not bode well for my perfectly perfect braid out. I had to snap a few pics throughout the day yesterday. Thankfully my hair is still fab today but my allergies are not happy. I was perfectly fine yesterday morning. Today, not so much :( I will not be sick this week. I refuse.
  • My Saints rebounded nicely last night. They beat Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers 31-13. I thought it would be a closer game because both teams had the same record. I was wrong. My boys are 10-3!!!! Who Dat!!! Geaux Saints!!!
  • I've been treating this situation as if it's still the same when in reality nothing is the same. I've discovered that I'm not good with change. I want to still know all the thoughts and emotions when I am not privy to it anymore. And, that is the gospel truth. I've got to stop asking for what no longer belongs to me. For reasons. Many of them. 
  • The gif below makes me feel like a 5 year old. But, I LOVE it. So I had to share it. Enjoy!!
  • It's really hitting me that I am going to be 34!! Like seriously, where did the year go? I don't feel my age at all. I am trying to embrace this getting older thing. But, really, 34?!? I'm just gonna smile and take it. I'm over 33 anyway. *in my Claire Huxtable voice* Yay, 34!!
  • Since this is my birthday week, every post this week is tagged "birthday behavior." Because, a la Drake, I plan on being on my "worst behavior!!" :p Proceed with caution and...

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