Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Throw It In The Bag

Decided to take a trip to CVS and grab a few things. I have decided that almost 35 year old me needs to invest in lipsticks and commit to wearing it. So, I am starting with drugstore brands to find what shades I like and that work with my complexion. I only purchased one shade that isn't right for me but I had fun mixing it to come up with something that works. First up is my favorite of the bunch. It's the NYC lipstick in Mahogany. It's dark and vampy and amazing. It's the shade I've worn the most in the last two weeks. I paired it with a Wet 'N Wild lip liner in Brandywine. I love the way this combination compliments my skin tone. This lipstick lasts for hours without me having to constantly reapply. Purchasing this shade again is a no brainer. It's a winner. 

NYC Mahogany. Wet n Wild liner in Brandy Wine. 

My second purchase was a NYC Liquid Lipshine in Honey on the Hudson. No, this isn't a lipstick but I am a sucker for a good lip gloss. I was already a fan of this line because I've been wearing the Nude York City shade all year. I love Honey on the Hudson because it is a richer, deeper nude shade. I am a huge fan of a nude lip. It is my go to look. I paired it with my favorite lip liner by Bare Minerals in copper. Perfect combination for me. It's a quick and effortless look for me. 

My third pick was something totally out of the norm for me. I've been reading a lot about pink  lipsticks with blue undertones and how they would work well with my complexion. So, I grabbed the Wet 'N Wild Fuchsia with Blue Pearl lipstick, which at $0.99 is a steal. I loved it instantly. I loved how bright it was. I paired it with a Covergirl lip liner in pink and it was golden. It garnered many compliments at dinner that night. I love how cheap and accessible the Wet 'N Wild & NYC lipsticks are ($0.99 - $3.29). That's great for someone like me who is experimenting with shades. I am going to purchase a MAC Heroine and Maybelline Brazen Berry soon. 

My final pick was Milani's Lip Intense Liquid Violet Addict and the Fuchsia lip liner. I absolutely loved the liner. The lipstick was another story. It was way too punk for me. I mixed it with a brown lipstick to dull some of the color. It helped a lot. It toned down the brightness of the shade. It's just ok to me. There is a purple that Milani has that I should've purchased instead. I will be grabbing some more shades this weekend. I cannot wait to try out different looks. I've successfully worn lipstick every single day for the last almost two weeks. This is a huge deal to me. This has been great for me. I love the way lipstick makes me feel. Ladies, what's in your bag? Tell me all about it.

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