Monday, October 06, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: Marsha Ambrosius' "So Good"

This Marsha Ambrosius song has been on repeat since this past weekend. It's "So Good" off her latest cd "Friends & Lovers" that came out this summer. I am a sucker for a lyrically dope song and Marsha knows how to do that. I love this whole project. She can do no wrong in my book. I am a fan. Get into these lyrics and this song. 

"I can tell by looking at youThat thing is good, good good goodI can't help myself around youI wanna do every thingI ain't gonna front, I'm upfrontBlatant 'bout what I wantI want you here right now, babyLook at me the way that you doYou want me tooAnd I don't wanna waste no time
So make it rain and let it fallDown on me,I can't believeThat your love so goodSo goodYour love so good, so goodSo good to me
Outta space I'm on a high toThat shit is goodDon't let me come downPut your lips where I can find youAnd take me nowRun it deep like a running back,Make you work it back,Make me want it badMake me want you bad, babyTill the sun comes up and skies blueAnd over again I'll take it babe
Just make it rain down on me
I can't believe that your love is soGoodSo goodYour love so good, so goodSo good to me
You pulling on my hairYou're right between my legsYou're kissin' on my neckI'm scratching on your backI say baby go headGo hard, I say go aheadBaby, take it there..."

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