Monday, October 13, 2014

Get Into It: October Challenge

I am a writer. I declared this to be true a long time ago. The act of writing is a long and arduous one. But, it's the best thing I know. I am always looking for exercises or challenges to help me with my writing. So, when a poet I dig, Alex Elle, posted this on Tumblr, I was all in. #ANote2SelfJC is her October initiative. The goal is to write everyday of this day for 15 minutes in silence. I love journaling because it helps to clear my mind. Anything that gets me back in the habit of writing every single day is a great thing in my world. I have posted a view entries on my Tumblr page. But, most of it is way to personal for me to post. But, I started on the 1st and haven't missed a day yet. It's been very therapeutic for me. I am thoroughly enjoying it. It's funny because for years I kept journals. I haven't had one consistently in years. This is a great exercise for anyone but especially for those of us who love to write. I cannot wait to see how much of my journal that I can fill up before Halloween. Join in if you feel so inclined. Happy writing, folks!!