Friday, October 10, 2014

Movie Review: "Left Behind"

I was introduced to the "Left Behind" book series a few years ago. I loved it from the opening line of the first book. It is a series based on the Bible. The series is 13 books that weaves a cautionary tale of what happens when the Rapture occurs and the years following. I cannot remember exactly how long it took me to complete the books but I was totally engrossed in them. I loved the characters. I loved the Biblical references. But, what I loved the most was the two authors ability to paint a vibrant picture via words for me. Those are my favorite kind of writers. So, naturally, when I heard the first book was being made into a bug budget film, I was excited. I watched the Kirk Cameron trilogy based on the series on Netflix to get ready. I liked them a lot.

Fast forward to opening weekend for "Left Behind," I went to see it on Sunday morning. I was ready. I reread the first book and rewatched the movies to prepare. I had high hopes and big expectations. I thought it would be amazing. I. Was. So. Wrong. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The acting was ok. The plot was awful. The first "Left Behind" book was this descriptive, ever moving work of art. It was reduced to nothingness on the big screen. The writers and producers cut almost all of the God/Biblical references out which is so out. How can you have a movie about the Rapture and dumb down the religious talk? That makes no sense. My other big issue with this movie is that it mostly takes place on the plane which isn't no where near what happened in the book. The potential to make a great movie was right there in front of the producers. They  jumped right over it to campy and silly. It was awful to me. It's been almost a week since I saw it and I STILL want my money back. I'll stick to the books for now or to Netflix for the first trilogy. I do not recommend this movie to you if you've read the books and are a fan. Save your coins. See something else. Heed my warning, folks. The Nicholas Cage-led "Left Behind" isn't the religious experience it should have been. 

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