Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Born Sinner Better Talks A Good Game

New  music is flowing this week. J. Cole drops his sophomore cd "Born Sinner." I am totally here for it. It's a return to mixtape Jermaine. It is better than his debut to me. I can vibe to the entire project which is important to me. There are standout tracks like "Crooked Smile" which features TLC and "Villuminati." It flows like a complete work of art. I have always loved J. Cole's lyricism and he delivers here. It's not a lot of new rappers I rock with. Cole is one of the few (and also Wale who drops next week). I was pleasantly surprised to hear this one. It's really good. It's the project that is getting the most play this week. If you are a fan, this is a great purchase. 

Now, let's get into a few new R&B releases. Kelly Rowland released her "Talk A Good Game" yesterday as well. I can honestly say I wasn't impressed with her singles. None of them. But, the release of "Dirty Laundry" got my attention. That one song piqued my interest. I listened to TAGG with open ears. My conclusion: there is always something missing from Kelly's cd's. There is never really a dope standout track. Most of the songs are forgettable. I do not know what the problem is. Kelly can sing her butt off but her material is always lacking. She never releases a project that I can rock with from beginning to end. I really want Kelly to win but this isn't going to get it. Anyway, there are a few songs that I like. You may as well. 

Finally, we get new music from Chrisette Michele. I LOVE this woman's voice. Love it. Her lead single "A Couple Of Forevers" is my current favorite song. Those lyrics are everything to me. Chrisette's music is something I always look forward too. I love that this project has a lot of tracks. It isn't a short cd at all. I lost track of time listening to this. There is something very jazzy about her voice. I've never seen her in concert but it is on my to do list. "Better" is one of my new favorite cd's. I loved everything about it. Music will always have a special place in my heart and in my life. When nothing else is going my way, music helps me. Hopefully, it helps you as well. Get into the newness. 

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