Saturday, June 22, 2013

Around These E-Streets (VIII)

° Jay-Z made a huge announcement less than a week ago. It came in the form of this Samsung commercial. This Billboard article gets it all wrong in my eyes. Anyway, I am uber excited about Magna Carta Holy Grail. It drops (for Samsung customers) on July 4th, and the rest of the world on the 7th. #newrules

° The jury is set for the murder trial of George Zimmerman. I am not happy with it. CNN reports on the very homogenous, all female jury. It seems odd that in the entire state of Florida not one Black person was picked for the jury. If this racist, child murdering idiot gets off, I will be beyond pissed. 

° The Miami Heat won their 2nd NBA Championship Thursday night. Games 6 & 7 were amazing. Great series and an even better win for the Heat. Congrats to them! It also marks the end of the David Stern NBA Commissioner. I cannot say I;m sorry to see him go. 

° I am disgusted after reading this article about Bank of America's practces. They rewarded employees for every 10 houses they foreclosed on. What?!? Are you serious?? 

°Breast Cancer Awareness is a big issue to me. So, immagine my outrage when I read the Susan G. Komen Foundation was cancelling half of their 3 day races for the cure. Then, I read this article about the CEO and got pissed. Donations are down and the CEO got a raise? Why? 

° I am always on the look out for any information on healthy natural hair care. I found a great article over on Clutch's site. It's about the baggy method. It helps with sealing in moisture on your hair. With it officially being summer here, I needed to read this. Will be trying it our during my next cowash.

° Kids are ridiculously honest. It's one of the things I appreciate about the little ones. And, no where is it more apparent than this review of "Yeezus" by 6 year old Jake. Accurately on point to. Especailly his last questions. "So he's rich? And he's famous? And he can buy whatever he wants? Then why is he so angry?" Why indeed Jake.

° If you know me then you know I'm a Drake fan. Have been since his second mixtape. This month, he covers GQ with the title "How To Drake It In America." Great read. Cannot wait until "Nothing Was The Same" drops.

° Paula Deen got dropped by Food Network for giving a non-apoolgy and for being a ridiculous racist. I have no words. Just read this

° Great article on the change going on in the music business. It takes a look at the leak of Yeezus and the new Jay-Z project. Dope article

° North West. Nope, not the direction on a compass or a map. The spawn of Kanye and Kim. Celebrities are dumb. The End. 

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