Friday, June 07, 2013

Movie Review: A Sick Day With Netflix

A few weekends ago, I was stuck in the bed sick. So, I decided to peruse Netflix for some new movies. I found a few. The first movie was Common's "LUV." "LUV" stands for learning Uncle Vincent. It's about a man (Common) fresh out of jail trying to go legit. He takes his nephew with him for the day even though the kid should be in school. Both live with Common's Mom. He is trying to teach his nephew how to be a man. I loved the scenes of Vincent taking his nephew to get his first tailored suit. He teaches his nephew how to drive, how to look a man in the eye, shake a man's hand amongst other things. The movie is fast paced but very good. I loved eveything about it except the ending. The ending was a tad bit too far fetched for me. Still a really great film.

I finally watched "Magic Mike" as well. I really just watched this movie because it stars Channing Tatum & it's about strippers. This was not a good movie. The plot is silly. The acting is decent. But, yeah, its a great eye candy movie since the strippers have great bodies. I wasn't all that invested in the plot but loved the stripping scenes. I don't think that there was anything else to pay attention to. Oh, and Tatum's solo stripping scene when he dances to Ginuwine's "Pony" is a-maz-ing. It's my absolute favorite scene in the whole movie. It gave me a greater appreciation of that old song. Ladies, watch for that reasons alone. It's enought o hold your eye for the duration.

The last movie I watched before Theraflu took over was "The Human Contract." This movie was produced by Jada Pinkett Smith. She also starred inthe movie as well. This was just a weird movie. I really only watched it because Idris Elba was in it. This movie was about a man going through a divorce who starts an affair with a woman. That's when the drama begins. Jada plays his sister who is in an abusive marriage. Idris plays his coworker, an attorney. The entire film is very weird. The storyline is very odd. I didn't get it at all.  If not for IDris, I would not have finished it. Anyway, that was my weekend with Netflix. Some good, some bad. Watch them for yourself & tell me what you think.

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