Monday, June 17, 2013

"If You Loved Me So Much, Why'd You Let Me Go?" And Other Questions About Ye's New Cd

Kanye West's "Yeezus" sprung a leak last week. I was excited to hear his new music. After watching his SNL performance a few weeks ago left me apprehensive and guarded. He performed "New Slave" and "Black Skinhead." I liked the first one, disliked the second. Lyrically, both are intersting. Musically, "Black Skinhead" sounded a mess. The entire rollout of this project has been odd. No real first single, no real media presence. It doesn't feel like a Kanye project. I was cautiously intersted in this new music. So, I had to give it a listen. On first listen, I was extremely disappointed. After another or three listens, I found some happy in a handful of songs. But, there was something missing here. There are only a few flashes of classic Kanye-ism's, a few quotables. 

The project is only 10 tracks deep. And, it pains me to say that "Yeezus" is not it. More than a handful of the songs sound incomplete and erratic. It's a disappointment for a fan like myself. I was expecting...well, more. Yes, I know artist need to evolve and push the limmits. But, where exactly is Mr. West trying to take me? It may be something that has to grow on me. Which is odd because I've never felt that way about a Kanye cd. I have them all and love them all. I am still on the fence about this one. It is worth a listen to come to your own conclusion. If you are a diehard Ye fan and you've loved his old stuff, this project will shock you. It is unlike anything he's ever done. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing...yet. "Yeezus" officially drops tomorrow. Get into it so we can discuss it. 

The Good

* "Bound 2"
* "Guilt Trip"
* " Blood On The Leaves"
* "New Slaves" 

The Confused
* "Black Skinhead"
* "Send It Up"
* "I'm In It"

The Bad
* "I Am A God"
"On Sight"
* "Hold My Liquor"

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