Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Reader's Review: Part XV: "Decadence"

"Decadence" is a riveting story of Nia Simone Bijou. If you are familiar with Eric Jerome Dickey's work, then you know that Bijou is the main character from "Pleasure." In a way, "Decadence" is a sequel to "Pleasure" because it tells us more about Nia's life since then. In this book, Nia's life has changed drastically since we last heard of her. She has grown as a woman and a writer. Her life has new characters in it and new drama. All of it leads to a great story. Nia is a woman after my own heart. She is a self described "word slut. book slut as well." I can identify with that. She quotes Anais Nin, another favorite of mine. She is also a woman very in tuned with her sexuality. She craves sex.

"Anais had taught me well." - Nia Simone Bijou

This book is hot. Scorching. When it comes to the sex scene, I haven't read anything that moved me like this in forever. The sex scenes alone are insane. The sex scenes made me blush. And, I am no where near a prude. I am a very sexual woman. Reading this book made me feel some kinda way. The book is only 240 pages. For me, that's nothing. I read extremely fast. It took me hours to get through "Decadence" because it was so intriguingly good. I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the book. Even if it left me hot and bothered and thinking some insane thoughts. Eric Jerome Dickey can def construct a dope, deep sex scene.  I am all the way here for it.

"Love has too many side effects. I have suffered them all." - Nia Simone Bijou

I loved the journey that EJD took me on with Nia. I loved immersing myself in her world for a few hours. I loved that she is a smart, well read, word loving, sexual being who doesn't allow any one to label her. Nia Simone Bijou is her own woman. That makes her a wonderful character to me. I've read almost all of EJD's books. "Decadence" has to be one of my favorites. I love a book when the author paints a picture with words so vividly that I can see them. EJD did exactly this for me. That makes it a win in my book. This is erotica done right. "Decadence" is a great read. I would recommend it to everyone. I already made one person in my life read it. He loved it as well. Get into Eric Jerome Dickey's "Decadence."

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