Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's My Hair: Trying New Natural Styles

Hello, naturalistas!! This natural hair chick is back with new styles to discuss. I have been trying new things whenit comes to my natural hair. I have relied heavily on braid outs and buns. And, they have worked wonderfully for me. They have been my default styles. But, I've been yearning for change. Somemthing different, something new. I just feel like something has to change. I started with something small: my hair. I am also thinking about going a few shades lighter as well. Probably like a chocolate brown with some high/low lights. My hais has been jet black since 2009. I'm over it.

First up was the Bantu Knot Out. Another YouTube vlogger that I follow is SimplyYouniqueHer video on Bantu helped me out tremendously. The first picture was my hair after I knotted it. (Also, my eyelashes look so dope in the photo). I slept with my hair like that overnight. The next morning, I unknotted my hair. I LOVEd my results. The picture directly below shows my results. My hair was very curly. This was the way I wore my hair for Mother's Day. I will be doing this again. It toook a little time to bantu my hair. But, it did not take long at all to fix my hair the nex day. Great new style for me to rock.

Then, I tried my hand at a twist out...again. The first time I tried this, I failed miserably. But, then I found instructions that made it easy. I follow Naptural85 on youtube. She is a natural hair vlogger that I love. Her Twist out method was fool proof. I will say that this style is not cute when being twisted (peep the above picture lol). I did it late at night and went to bed. The next morning, I was anxious about my results. I started untwisting my hair while not looking in the mirror. Once I was done, I shook my head to fluff my twists out. When I finally turned to the mirror, I was very happy. This twist out was a win. I loved this style too. I am so thankful for the natural hair vloggers. They have helped me on my natural hair journey. As usual, there will be more to come from me and the "It's My Hair" series. Happy Sunday, people!

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