Thursday, May 16, 2013

Around These E-Streets (VII)

° In this time in my life, this article was right on point. It's titled "How To Love." I think that I needed to see this. Because clearly I haven't gotten it right in my life. The article was a great read. 

° I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie. I think she is mostly overrated as an actress, although I did love her in "Taking Lives." But, she has done something that takes incredible courage. She had a preventative double masectomy. Her story is incredible. Breast cancer is a huge issue in my life because it runs on both sides of my family. Taking the BCRA1 test is a huge deal. I have been contemplating getting the gene test done. After reading this, I thought about what I would do if it were me. And, I think I would do what Angelina did. It would save my life. Great story. 

° Andriod is changing. There are so many new things coming to the Andriod system. This article talks about some of the things. Also, just read this article that states BBM, the Blackberry messenger system, is headed to Andriod and iOS systems this summer. BBM is the one thing that all BB users loved. It is a quick group messnger service. I would love this. It will be free via Google store.

° One of my favorite groups Danity Kane may be on their way back. The group was broken up by dream killer Diddy a few years back. The girls only released two cds. Both were great and I still listen to them. The word is the girls have new management. I would love for this to happen. They were a dope group.

° The first trailer for "The Best Man Holiday" (follow up to the classic "The Best Man") is here. It comes out in November. I cannot wait to see it. I loved all of the characters and the first movie. Great movie with Black actors. 

° BET and Debra Lee have made another erroneous mistake. TJ Holmes' show "Don't Sleep" has been cancelled. It was a very intuitive news show that aired a few nights a week. From the tone of this article, it sems like there is bad blood between Holmes and the network. For a network that is called "Black Entertainment Television," the network has been steadily declining in its focus. There is no news coverage on the netwrok. I am sad that they did this. I really enjoyed the show. I am a fan of TJ's. I hope he lands on his feet. 

° I think Zoe Saldana is a gorgeous woman. She is an ok actress. But, she has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Pretty woman saying stupid things. I just want her to stop it. Oh and pick up a dictionary, por favor. 

° The idiot who shot 19 people at a second line here was arrested Wednesday night. His bail is set @ $10 million. Frankly, he gets what he deserves. Asshole. 

° I have been a fan of JasFly since I watched her on Jumpoff Tv on Youtube. She is now on VH1's "The Gossip Game." She wrote a very dope open letter about colorism and Black people. She talks about the divide of Black people. This whole light skin versus dark skin Black people issue is stupid. The bottom line is that we are all Black people. Great read. 

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