Friday, July 22, 2011

Where's The Justice?

Is Justice really blind? I used to believe this wholeheartedly. Now? Not so much. For as long as I could remember, I was enthralled with the legal system. I wanted to be an attorney for the longest time. Lately, I have become very disillusioned with the United States' idea of what justice really is. I've seen people go to jail for long periods of time for small infractions. I've watched people walk away scott-free when they were guilty as sin. Where is the justice in any of that? I do not see it because it is not there.

Case in point: Casey Anthony. Her daughter, Caylee, was supposedly "missing" for 31 days before her mother, Cindy reported it. Casey did not report it. Her daughter was later found dead. Casey Anthony lied at every given turn. The only facts of this case are simple: Caylee was dead. After years, the trial finally started. There were allegations of sexual misconduct, outrageous lies, ridiculous testimonies, and even more ridiculous scenarios. In the end, the just decided that Casey was not guilty. What??? How is it that this woman is now free to walk the earth while her child is dead and was treated like trash? Where is the justice in this? Clearly, I believe that the jury got it dead wrong. Casey should have been found guilty and been en route to a needle in her arm. I have no tolerance for murderers. I am a fatherless woman because of a murderer. And, people who do anything to harm children are the absolute worst. They are the scum of the earth in my eyes. I also know that Casey has to live with what she did. And, she also will have to atone for it as well.

On the flip side of justice, there is Raquel Nelson. A 30 year old mother who crossed the street with her two kids in Georgia. A man struck and killed her son. The man, Jerry Guy, has a past of hit and run incidents. He was originally charged with hit and run, cruelty to children, and second degree murder. The charges were later amended to just a hit and run. Her served a 6 month sentence and will have five years probation for murder. What?? How is that justice? It isn't and the story gets even worse. Ms. Nelson could possibly serve more time than her son's killer. She is being charged with second degree vehicular homicide. This means she is at fault for jaywalking which led to her sons death. There is a possibility that she will have to serve a 36 month sentence. The woman is grieving her son and has to deal with this. Again I ask where is the justice in any of this?? The answer is simple there is none.

One other major point I have to bring up in these cases is race. Casey is a white woman, Raquel is a Black woman. Apparently, that matters. Because how could a woman who definitely killed her child is walking free while a mother who crossed the street with her child and he was killed is facing jail time? My mind can only come to one conclusion. It's racial. Clean and simple. That makes me so angry. Yes, we have a Black President. But, we are not a post-racial nation. Racism is still alive and well. One only has to take a look at the forming of the Tea Party or the way the Republican Party has behaved since 2008. These two cases have literally made me sick. I cannot blindly believe in justice after hearing about these cases. I think the picture I found for this blog is absolutely perfect. Justice is clearly not blind. What do you guys thinks? Talk to me!

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