Monday, July 11, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Ledisi "I Miss You Now"

Ledisi is so underrated in my book. Her voice is amazing. She is great in concert as well. This is a plus for me. Her new cd "Piece Of Me" is great. This particular song has touched me deep. I enjoy the entire cd but I keep coming back to this track. The lyrics are what got me of course. Get into Ledisi!

Lately it’s been hard for me to catch up on sleep
Cause when you walked out, you walk into my dreams
Hearing these memories all in my head
Was it your voice that said?
Come back to bed
I know there was a reason that I had to walk out
But now I can’t remember what the fight was about
I know I was mad,
Said I was pissed
But it wasn’t so bad, not worse then this

[Chorus:] Cause I miss you now (Cause I miss you now)
I miss you now
Maybe you deserve another chance
Maybe your my man
Maybe we should try again
Cause I miss you now (Cause I miss you now)
I miss you now
Maybe it really wasn’t our fault
Wasn’t so bad at all
Maybe I should come back home

Yo mama keep calling me, phoning my house
Asking me why you sleeping on her couch
How could we give up on something so good
I tried not to call,
maybe I should
I don’t wanna be the reason that it didn’t work out
We put too much into it just to give up now
Let’s call it a truce,
got nothing to prove
Been gone for too long
and I’m missing you


  1. i love this song she is so on point with her words...

  2. I totally agree, Anony! This song, as everything to me last summer. Thanks for reading and commenting.