Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Year Later..

It's my Blogaversay! One year ago, I decided to find an outlet for my writing. That is how this blog was born. I felt that I had something the world wide web should hear. My blog has been, for the most part, my solace. It's where I come to work out things, rant about things, wax philosophically and poetically about my opinions. It's helped me through some rough patches. I love how freeing the written word can be. I am a writer. It is the one consistent aspect of my entire life. Writing frees me. It gives me life and hope.

At the beginning of the 2011, I pledged to blog every day. For the first six months, I was able to blog almost every day. That made me proud. Unfortunately, since June, I've been slacking. I feel really bad about that. But, my head hasn't been in the best place lately. I'm just not motivated to blog. There is something preventing me from creating. I'm trying to work through this intense writers block. I hope to be back to my normal blogging self.

Looking back, I can remember the exact space I was in when I wrote and posted each piece. I have laughed so much at myself this past year. My own words give me insight into myself. This blog has gifted me with that. Before, I could only get that level of deep insight from my poetry. I found myself uninspired to write for a while. Starting my blog forced me to be my true self. I love that about it. I plan to write more in the coming weeks. I'm sure I will get political in tone soon because of the state of things. I'm just really proud of myself for sticking to this. I'm also grateful for all who visit my blog. You are appreciated. I'm looking forward to my 2nd year Blogaversay!!! Stay tuned and keep reading. All comments are welcomed!

P.S. - I will take any opportunity to post this classic Tony Toni Tone' track. I love it still.

I also made a minor changes. My web address has changed from "" to "" So, now my blog title and web addy match.

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