Thursday, July 07, 2011

7 Word Challenge

One: Describe yourself in 7 words. - Intelligent, funny, introspective, thoughtful, complicated, bossy.

Two: Describe your perfect day in 7 words. - 74°, sunny, beach, carefree, wine, music, HIM.

Three: 7 words you overuse. - Clearly, exactly, right, like, beaucoup, ok, ass.

Four: List 7 things you do before you leave the house. - Evo, keys, purse, lipgloss, charger, lights, lock.

Five: 7 words beginning with the first letter of your name. - Yellow, yours, yesterday, young, yummy, yoga, yoyo -or- kindhearted, kissable, kaleidoscope, knowledgeable, kinky, kinetic, knockout.

Six: List 7 favorite animals. - Puppies, koala bears, tigers, giraffes, fish, penguins, lions.

Seven: List 7 favorite things, one word each only. - Music, poetry, pedicures, sleep, shoes, writing, reading.

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