Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Still Remember Her

I'm very nostalgic today. My friend Lashauna R. Turner is heavy on my mind and heart. I remember the day we met. It was the first week of 6th grade. I noticed her because she was the only other Black girl in all of my Honors classes. She sat in the desk next to me one day. She said "I'm Lashauna, you seem cool. We should be friends." And, we were for the next 14 years. We became fast friends. I integrated her into my group of friends. We (me, Ty, Reese, and Shauna) were all connected at the hip by 8th grade. She was funny, intelligent and very caring. She was one of the best people I knew.

We were devastated by her untimely death. She had a collapsed lung in August. Was diagnosed with a rare form of heart cancer in October. And before we knew it, she was gone on March 16, 2004. My friends and I were in disbelief. Everything happened within the blink of the eye. She was gone and we were left here with so many unanswered questions. I still miss our talks. I often wish she was still here. Today is harder than others because it's Shauna's birthday. I try to celebrate her life instead of mourning it. She would've been 32. Shauna was taken from us entirely too soon. We never got to say goodbye. I know she's watching over us. So, I'll just say Happy Birthday Copper/Butterfinger :) We love you and we still miss you, girl.


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