Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Two Whole Weeks

Truth is, I'm tired. I took a week off from blogging to give myself a break. It's been two agonizing weeks since Michael Brown was executed in broad daylight by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. Two weeks of protests, over policing, tear gas and tears. Two weeks full of trying not to hate all white people. Two weeks of being fed up with racism and respectability politics. Two weeks too long. It was the tipping point for me. I am still disgusted with the entire situation. Yes, this happened in Ferguson but this is America so we all live in Ferguson. Michael Brown could have easily been my brothers or nephews or friends. Same with Trayvon and Jordan and Oscar and Johnathan. It's just like Renisha could've been me. I am tired of people who look like me being gunned down and no one other than Black people caring. I am sick of it.

I had to take a break because I was tired of crying, tired of hurting. And, most of all, I was exhausted of trying to get white people to understand my plight. I do not get how there can be a GoFundMe account for Michael's killer which has raised over $200k. I do not get the racist and ignorant things that have been tweeted to me and others. It's situations like these that could easily make one lose hope and faith in humanity as a whole. No parent deserves to lose their kid. No parent should have to see their child shot dead in the streets and their body left for hours. Is this not America?? The last two weeks have been too much for me. I had to take a timeout from it all. The sad part is this is far from over. Today, Michael Brown was laid to rest. 18 years old and his life was cut down for no reason. It's not right or just. All I can do is stay diligent and prayerful. Rest in Paradise, Mike Brown. We won't let them forget your name. We will get justice for you.

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