Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: Eric Roberson's "Mark On Me"

I do love good music. Eric Roberson released his new project "The Box" this month. I haven't stopped playing it. I love it. Especially two tracks "I'm Not Trying To Keep Score" & "Mark On Me." They are the two tracks that I listen to first. And, I always come back to them. Get into the lyrics of "Mark On Me" because they are so dope. I remember that feeling so this song is sorta nostalgic. 

"It didn’t go like I have plannedI thought after we shared an eveningThat I would have the upper handBut the thought of this girl ain't leavingShe’s constantly on my mindAnd I thought it would be the love the way aroundAnd I found, the games I play are played on me right nowBecause I smell her hair, and I smell her perfumeEven though my love she’s not thereAnd I can resume
Oh, she left a mark on meShe left a mark on me…”

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