Saturday, August 09, 2014

Get Into It: "Get On Up"

The James Brown biopic "Get On Up" premiered last Friday. I went to see it on Sunday morning. Going into it, I did not know a whole lot about Brown's history. I knew his music well though. So, for me, the movie was a history lesson. And, I thoroughly enjoy history. The movie is a good look into the beginnings of James Brown and all the things he eventually became. I did not know that he was he first Black person to own his own private plane. I also did not know that Mick Jagger, who is a producer of this movie, was a fan of turned friend to Mr. Brown. I loved that it showed how differently Brown saw and felt music. This goes to show how his mind created the best music. He has been sampled by almost every artist in every genre of music. He was simply amazing. That's what this movie showed me. 

Can we just talk about Jill Scott in this black lace dress above?!? She was awesome in the movie. I now need a black lace dress in my closet because it was everything.  The movie is good. I really enjoyed it. My only gripe with the movie is "James Brown" talking to the camera. I hate that. Actors, do not break the 4th wall. I despised it during the first season of "Sex and the City" when Carrie did it as well as the first season of "Girlfriends" when Joan did it. Hate it. Also, the fact that James referred to himself in 3rd person all the time. In my mind, only unstable, narcissistic people do that. It freaks me out. Other than that, the movie was a win. The casting and acting were both A1. I recommend this film to anyone who has any interest in the story of James Brown. Get Into It: "Get On Up."

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