Saturday, April 26, 2014

R.I.P. Harrison Wright

Awww, say it ain't so?!? Columbus Short who plays the widely popular Gladiator in a Suit, Harrison Wright on ABC's "Scandal" is out for season four. Short's real life scandal's have spilled over into his professional life. The powers that be (aka Shonda Rhimes and ABC exec's) have given Short the heave ho. I cannot say I didn't see it coming. His personal life is messy. There have been arrests for a bar fight, the divorce drama, and just moments before the season three finale, there was the murder-suicide knife threatening of his wife. That was just too much. I loved Short's character for his stylish suits, amazing one liners and the fact that he held Olivia Pope to task. Now, who's going to give the "Gladiators in suits" speeches? 

What I have noticed is that Black males do not fair well on Shonda Rhimes' shows. Could be a coincidence or not. There are never an abundance of Black actors on her shows but lead male characters who just happen to be Black are few and far between. I am truly sad to see Short go. He was one of my faves. I do think this will be the catalyst to get Liv back to OPA and fixing things. I think she is going to flip out when she learns that her Dad was the puppet master who killed Harrison, Lil Jerry and Adnan. Oh and that he has her Mom locked in the hole. Dysfunctional family is dysfunctional. Sad about Short's firing. But, I will be tuned in early for the premier of season four of "Scandal." We had three good seasons of Mr. Gingham himself, Harrison Wright. R.I.P. Brolivia Pope, us Gladiators will miss you. 

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