Saturday, May 03, 2014

It's My Hair: Comparisons

 The top pic is from September 2011. I had gotten my last relaxer in July of that year. I was testing a theory at first. I wanted to see how long I could go between relaxers. This was how I started my natural hair journey. The bottom pic is from last month. It's the first time I straighten my natural hair in at least a year. I didn't realize how different my hair was until I saw these two pictures. I will say that my hair was healthy in both. But, clearly it is thicker, fuller in the natural pic. I could not have asked for anything better. I did not have unrealistic expectations going into this. I knew my natural hair would not be like Tracee Ellis Ross. I would not have those loose curls. I just wanted to know what my hair felt like without a relaxer in it. I was scared in the beginning. My only thought was that if it didn't work out in my favor I could always get another relaxer. I haven't had that thought in years now. I love my hair. I was already camera happy. I take way more pictures of my hair now. 

One of the main reasons I decide to return to my natural state is one I haven't said out loud too much. I was in a place mentally and emotionally that I was preparing for my future as a Mom. I did not want to pass on the tradition of thinking the hair that grows out of your head was bad or unmanageable. This is the silent tradition that had been passed down generation after generation. I did not want my future daughters to have bad feelings about their hair. So, I wanted to learn everything I could about my hair in its natural state to pass on to them. Now, I may not get to make that dream come true because I haven't had any children. But, this was an important lesson and journey for myself. I have a few cousins who have returned to their natural states because of me. That makes me feel incredible. I can truly say I love my hair even on the days that my twist out's aren't completely dry or my bantu knots didn't curl the way I wanted them to. It's my hair and my journey and I am so glad that I did this. 

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