Friday, April 25, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: "What Do I Do With The Love?"

This song has been on my heart and in my head for some time now. I never truly understood it until recently. Makes all the sense in the world to me. Get into these lyrics and vocals. I miss Dru Hill. 
"I can put away the letters 
Hide them in the drawer 
I can even forget what you sent them for 
And I can take your name out of my book 
I can put away the pictures 
I can put the dreams aside 
But I just can't seem to put you out of my mind 
So tell me now, oh 

What do I do with the love, tell me baby 
What do I do with the memories of 
What do I do with the nights 
Without you by my side 
They used to be your's and mine 
Without you, what do I do with the love 

I can go out every night now 
Stay out til the dawn 
Do whatever I want to 
Anytime I want 
And I can make believe we never met 
I can clear out all the closets 
Leave your things outside the door 
But I just can't seem to not love you anymore 
So tell me now, tell me now, what do I do?"

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