Sunday, April 13, 2014

French Quarter Fest 2014

Today was the second day of the French Quarter Fest here in New Orleans. It is one of my favorite festivals. We have a ton of them yearly. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. It was about 75, sunny and a nice breeze off of the Mississippi River. There were a ton of people out there as well. There was a ridiculous amount of food and drink vendors. From poboys to sliders, anything you could imagine to eat was available. Today was one of those really good days that you couldn't plan if you wanted to. I enjoyed myself immensely. 


There was an insane amount of people out there. There was more food than anyone could eat. We sampled a lot of places. My hands down favorite was a Creole Crawfish Sausage po boy from Vaucresson Sausage Company. It was $7 and worth it. I also had a Crawfish Pie from Mrs. Wheat's pies, and boiled crawfish from Rouse's. I also enjoyed Creole Cream Cheese ice cream on a waffle cone from Quintin's Ice Cream, King Cake Hurricanes and a snowball from the Plum Street Snowball vendor (best snowballs in the city, hands down). Everything was so good. I was full in no time. I wanted to try the BBQ shrimp and grits from Cafe Reconcile, the lamb sliders from Three Muses and Crab and shrimp alfredo from Barreca's. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. This was a great way to spend Saturday with my family. The weather was perfect, the live bands were amazing and the food was the star. French Quarter Fest 2014 was a success. 

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