Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Because it's Tuesday...

  • New music makes me happy. If you are looking for something new and different, check out SZA's "Z" EP. I love it. Also, random but she is gorgeous. Her hair and those freckles are everything. I gave Kelis' "Food" project a listen. I wasn't that impressed with it. 

  • I finally saw "Captain America The Winter Soldier" a few weekends ago. And,  loved it!!! I am a huge fan of the Marvel Superheroes movies. Love them all. I was particularly interested in this one because of Anthony Mackie as Sam Hill aka "The Falcon." Great movie. 

  • I also read Chimamanda Adichie's "Americanah." It was a wonderful book. I loved the storyline and the two main characters. I loved the writing style of Adichie. She is awesome. It was a love story but there were so many other layers. It was interesting to read about the experience of a Non-American Black's experience in America. Love transcends all groups and labels. Adichie's book exemplifies this. I would suggest this book to everyone. Great read. 

  • Last night's season premiere of the final season of "The Boondocks" was a tad disappointing for me. I am a fan. I have been since it was a comic strip. The absence of Aaron McGruder was felt heavily. The episode was entitled "Pretty Boy Flizzy" and it is Chris Brown inspired. The episode seemed dated and lame. Also, it wasn't even as good as the Usher/A Pimp Named Slickback episode of season 2. There wasn't many scenes with Huey, Riley or Granddad. I will watch another episode but I am sad. I feel like the show is going to go out without a bang. No McGruder snarky sarcasm and quick wit makes for a slower paced show.            
  • Saw a pic on FB and felt like I needed to see it. Also, felt like I should pass it on. Get into it and your goals for this year. 
  • I am severely annoyed and I really need to shake this feeling. I'm just not really sure how to do so. Also, I have the overwhelming feeling that a certain conversation is going to happen sooner than later. And, I won't like the content. I think I have to start mentally preparing myself for the fuckery because it is coming. 
  • So, to shake all of this off, I am gonna soak in a hot bubble bath, drink a glass or three of wine and turn the music up loud. That will change my mood. Happy Tuesday again. 

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