Friday, November 01, 2013

Around These E-Streets (X)

°  The families of slain teens Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis testified in front of Congress against the "Stand Your Ground" law. The hearings are essential and important because the law is too ambiguous. 

° The Foreign Exchange has to be one of my favorite groups of the last few years. This interview is really dope. If you don't know about them, now is the time to check their music out. You will not regret it. Trust me. 

° Juror B29 from the GZ trial says that the trial ruined her life. Sorry but I'm not sorry. This is the same woman who came out after the verdict and said that she believed GZ was guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. She didn't fight for his justice. So, I have no sympathy with her. 

° Jay Z releases a statement that I am wholeheartedly here for. Read more aqui. Also, he has his first fragrance "Gold" coming out this winter. I bet it will smell like money!

° Kanye is delusional. He truly believes that his baby momma turned fiancee is more influential than our Harvard law degree holding First Lady Michelle Obama. What? o_O Kanye, have all the seats. Also, he is on a tour absurdity that Demetria Lucas (aka A Belle in Bk) and Michael Arceneaux explains to a t.

° Banksy took NYC by storm last month. Every day, there was a new Banksy art piece. I only think one day it was shut down due to the NYPD. Because catching the elusive artist is more important than doing actual police work. This and this have to be my two favorite pieces. Banksy is so dope. 

°  I discovered a new artist this week. His name is Rob Milton. His "Melt Away" is my current favorite track. Get into him via his Tumblr and here and on iTunes.

° I do not know what to say about this Chris Brown rehab for anger issues story. Luckily, Freshalina of always does and quote colorfully I might add. She sums it up perfectly

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