Monday, July 13, 2015

Ladies Love Lyrics: The New Edition

This edition of LLL is all about new music. There has been so much great music released lately. I have been stuck on a few projects. I have to share them with you guys! Thank me later.

Tyrese released his supposed last solo cd. That makes me sad because "Black Rose" is amazing!!!I cannot even pick a favorite. Today, it is "Addict." Tyrese says this is real r&b and "leave it in"music. I totally agree. BR is a great follow up to TGT's "3 Kings." "Addict" made it's way to my #WafflesAndSexPlaylist on Spotify. You guys should totally check that out. Get into the awesomeness that is "Black Rose."

Hopin' that you call, going through withdrawal
When you stop dealing with me girl, it's like the sky falls
Ain't no use in going to rehab as I keep going back to what she had

Just one more hit baby
Gives me that feeling one more time

I'm a addict, I'm a addict
Every piece of your body I gotta have it
I'm strung out, so far gone

Stacy Barthe finally dropped her debut cd "BEcoming" last week. I've been patiently as well as impatiently waiting for it. Her mixtapes have been everything to me. I LOVE this project. Every single song does it for me.  The song that sticks out the most for me has to be "Me Versus ME." This song is so damn deep. There isn't a youtube video of just this song. However, the whole project is on youtube. "Me Versus ME" starts @ about the 16:06 mark. Give it a listen and feel the lyrics. 

"I don't know about most things
But I know a few things
About being broken
I've cried too
And for so long I didn't know the root of my pain
Lied inside of me, right inside of me
I got good old memories good old times
But that was then and this is now
I got bad old memories bad old times
But that was then and this is now
This is me now and that was me then
Don't hold me accountable this is me now
That was me then this is me now
Before I knew me that was me then
This is me now."
Miguel released new music as well. The project is called "Wildheart." It is pure sex on wax. I fell in love with "The Valley" as soon as the beat dropped and before I even knew what the subject matter was. I had to add this to the #WafflesAndSexPlaylist before the song ended. Great song. Great project. Miguel's voice sounds amazing on here. Get into it.

"I wanna fuck like we're filming in the valley
I wanna push and shove and paint your hills and valley
I got a red idea to expedite the ride
Pu it over, pull em to the side
I'm talking, lips, taste, clit, sit
Like we're filming in the valley, in the valley (lips, tits, clit, sit)
In the valley, in the valley, (lips, tits, clit, sit)

I'm your heaven, I'm your hell, I'm your healer baby
Pour your sins on me baby, let us pray"
The Internet released new music as well. "Ego Death" is the perfect follow-up since 2013's "Feel Good." This project mellows me out. I press play and vibe out. "For The World" features James Fauntleroy and it's my favorite on the cd. Great song. Listen to it and vibe with out. 

"Cigarettes and sex are on your breath again
It's cool, I'm the same, the way we kiss
Girl you’re special, I wanna protect you and I’ll kill so you could live
But when the first body went down, you wouldn't tell me that I know it again
I'd rather lay it down and get back cuz killin' is a sin
We're chillin' instead, give me a kiss
If not for me, for the world."

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