Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Get Into It: Drake Did That!!

There are really no words. As a fan of Hip Hop, I am loving this. If you've been living under a rock for the last few days, Meek Mill went on a Twitter rant about Drake. Drake released a diss track called "Charged Up" a few days later. IT was nice. Meek did not respond other than two wack tweets. Four days later, Drake reupped on that Meek diss and took it up a notch with "Back 2 Back Freestyle." Drake killed Meek. It's just that simple. He came with facts and dope bars and silent but deadly jabs over a ridiculous beat. And, he posted it to soundcloud in the wee hours of the morning right after Meek performed in Drake's hometown of Toronto. 

"You getting bodied by a singin m***a"
"Shout out to my bitches wifin niggas" 
"Is this a world tour or ya girl tour?"
"I see what you do for fame, wonder what you would do for freedom."  
This is the part of Hip Hop that makes me excited. This was unexpected but needed. I like both dudes. Been rocking Meek's new cd since it came out. But, I am a Drake fan & I have been since his second mixtape. He holds a special place in my lyrical heart. Drake is doing this the right way. Even if Meek claps back, he's already lost in the eyes of the masses because he started this and hasn't responded. Anyway, get into both of Drake's diss tracks. 

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