Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm the Girl..

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I’m the girl. The one you claim to love, claim to need. The one you say you see a future with . The one who gets you like no other. The one who loves you like no other one ever has or ever will. The one who makes you laugh and think. The one who challenges everything you thought you knew. Yeah, I’m her. That girl. 

The woman who introduces you to really dope music and art. Artists and literature. The one who can debate politics and pole tricks with the same intensity and facts. The one who looks innocent but is really freaky as fuck. Classy but a little bit hood. A proper speaking ebonically correct woman. The girl who always has your back and defends you fiercely. The same girl who loved you with her whole entire heart. I’m her. The good and the bad, the happy and the sad. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. Smart with a slick mouth. Complex. 

And, still, it wasn’t enough to make you stay. And, that one true statement will haunt the girl for years. It will mess with her spirit and her heart daily. Mostly nightly. Wondering why. Until the girl has an epiphany. You weren’t the one. You could not have been her happily ever after because you left. So, of course it wouldn’t work. The girl finally gets it. You couldn’t be the one because you never were. The girl smiles no longer heartbroken or sad. She gets it. She is me. I am her. 

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