Monday, July 06, 2015

A Case of The Mondays

The Monday after a dope holiday weekend is always such a somber letdown. This past weekend wasn't only the 4th of July it was also Essence Music Festival here in New Orleans. FOr those who do not know, Essence Music Festival is (now) a 4 day music and seminar event. This year is the 15th anniversary of its inception. I can wholeheartedly say that I've gone to at least one night of the festival for about 13 years. I distinctly recall not going in '06 because it was in Houston. I enjoyed all 3 of the nights I went. This year, I saw Trey Songz, Kevin Hart, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Charlie Wilson, India Aire, MJB, Kendrick Lamar, Floetry. I loved them all. Charlie Wilson gives a great show. Kevin Hart is beyond hilarious & his new comedy movie will be ridiculous. I've been saying "Really?" for days now. When you see it, you''ll get it. 

I loved my look all three nights. I didn't get one pic of me Sunday night though. I was rushing just to get there. Every night, I felt really great and sexy. I was feeling my outfits, my hair and my makeup. I was in great company with family and friends. We vibed all night to dope artists and great music. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I needed that in more ways than one. I spent this morning watching "Magic Mike XL" and I loved it. So much better than the first. I am a new fan of Twitch. One of the greatest weekends gas now come to a close. I am tired and happy. This smile hasn't left my face since Thursday. Hope that the 4th was good to all of you as well. Love and light, people!!

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