Monday, May 26, 2014

May I Proceed?

  • I had the best time this weekend in Atlanta for my mini-vacay. My family came together to celebrate my baby sister's high school graduation. I am so tired but I needed that getaway.
  • This weekend reinforces the fact that I really need to stop being so anti-social. There is no reason that I should be stuck in the house all the time. I've let life happen around for over a year. I'm sick of it. I don't have a desire to be in the club every weekend. But, there has to be more to life than this. And, I'm going to get it. 
  • Also, I am now thinking about moving to Atlanta. I need a major life change. The life I thought was destined to belong to me doesn't exist anymore. It is time for me to find out exactly what that is. I do not think it's here for me. 
  • I am being a bum today. My feet are swollen for some strange reasons.I'm thankful that they don't hurt but this swollenness is kinda freaking me out a bit. I cannot go anywhere because of this. So, I am currently on the sick and shut in list. Pray for me, people. 
  • I also have a angry and unexplainable ugly bruise on the inside of my right thigh. I don't remember how I got it or where. My sister is a great bartender and I am attributing this war wound to her mixology skills this weekend. 

  • I want food. That requires two things I am not willing to do: putting on clothes and leaving the house. I am unable to do either. 
  • As tiring as my weekend was, I cannot sleep. And, I am ok with that. Tonight's sleep will be glorious. 
  • This whole Donald Sterling/NBA stuff is crazy. I am anxious to see exactly how it's going to play out. I've heard some ramblings of extreme measures being taken. I def think I'm gonna like Adam Silver more than David Stern. He is not playing. OAN, the playoffs have been very good this season. Really wanna see a Heat/OKC finals matchup. I would not be interested in a Finals that includes the Spurs. Yes, they are a great team. They are also the most boring team in the league. They put me to sleep.
  • In general, if I feel like I need to fall back from you, I do it instantly. I don't like to put myself in a position to get my feelings hurt. I am also not in the market for any situation that's going to end badly for me. Falling back is a defense mechanism. I have perfected it. 
  • Happy Memorial Day! I am thankful and grateful for all those who are currently serving, have served and those who have given their lives while serving. They are all a blessing to each of us and our sense of freedom. Thank an armed services member today! Happy Monday people!!

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