Sunday, September 14, 2014

Movie Review: "No Good Deed"

If you guys do not know, I am an Idris Elba fan from way back to the first episode of "The Wire." So, when I heard he was doing a Will Packer movie with Taraji P. Henson, I was all in. Then, about a year later, the trailers dropped. Idris plays Colin, a charismatic, good looking, stone cold killer. He is the definition of a bad guy here. The premise of the movie is that Elba is a escaped convicted killer who's specialty is "violence against women." Henson plays stay at home mom of 2 Terry. Their paths inadvertently cross and drama ensues. 

I loved seeing Elba in a role where it was easy to hate him. I loved seeing Henson in a role that on the surface appears like a docile, helpless one. But, that would be totally wrong. Henson is anything but helpless or docile. In the beginning of the movie, there is apparent sexual tension between the two. There is light flirting between a neglected housewife and a charming stranger. Things take a turn for the worse quickly. It was suspenseful, witty, well written and beautifully shot. This is a movie I will be watching again. I enjoyed it that much. You guys should go check it out. Get into it: "No Good Deed." 

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