Monday, September 15, 2014

Get Into It: Chrisette Michele Unplugged Vlogs

Chrisette Michele's voice is e-very-thing to me. Here she is singing "Better." This song has always been one of my favorites by her. I just haven't been able to listen to it without feeling awful and crying. So, I've avoided it for a long time. But, this made it's way to my Tumblr dash and I had to listen. Upon hearing this acoustic version inspired another emotion. I felt hopeful. I can honestly say I haven't felt hopeful in a really long time. It's been about 20 months since my heart was broken. The fact that I know the exact amount of time that has passed also let's me know that I'm not 100% better yet. I have been staunchly anti-love since then. I like that the song is about the possibility of a new love. Granted, I am not there. I don't know if I'll ever be to be honest. But, I digress. Chrisette has one of those heavily jazz influenced R&B soul voices. Her voice is truly an instrument and this video proves it. Get into the effortless way she dismantles this song. I think I love this version more than the original. Also, she is absolutely amazing in concert. Get into the video above and the lyrics below!!

"When I fall for love the next time.
And an arrow’s in my back.
I won’t let the pain get me down, oh no.
I won’t fight back. 
Let the cupid take me wherever he wants to go.
Fly me to the moon like an old jazz love song. 
Cupid, do what you want to do.
The choice is yours. 
When I get where you’re taking me,
Love’s gonna make me...feel better, better, better!
Love’s gonna make me feel better, better, better!
Cause getting to love’s got me losing my mind! 
I’ve been wrecking my brain
love’s so insane.
Cupid, help me please. 
cause Mr. Wrong keeps meeting me!
and I got a funny feeling love is just around the bend so  
I’ll keep on pushing till love falls for me!"