Monday, November 22, 2010

Reason, Season, Lifetime...

It's amazing to me the way things change. I know that the only constant thing is change. It's evolutionary. It is what keeps us going & growing. Some times I forget that. It's been said that people come into your life for one of three reasons: reason, season or lifetime. I've definitely gotten people wrong a few times. The adolescent mistake of trying to make a season person into a lifetime mate. But, what's for you is for you & nothing can change that.

A few years ago, there were people, places, & things, I loved & cherished so deeply. And, today, they basically mean nothing to me. I'm guessing that they all fell into the "reason & season" category of my life. Losing those people hurt me deeply. The memories of those past friends are kinda distorted in my mind. I can hardly remember their voices or laughter. What I distinctively remember are their words. Their words have lasted throughout the years. This, I'm sure, is why they were sent to my life.

I really hope that my words have stuck with them as well. That's a part of the legacy that I'm creating. I don't regret any person that I've encountered good or bad. All of that helped make me into the woman I am. Being a reason or season person serves a great purpose. It may just give purpose to someone. Being a lifetime person is the ultimate gift to both parties. A lifetime of memories, laughter and love sounds like a great journey to take with the right people.

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