Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get Into It: Jay Z & dream hampton's "Decoded"

I am an uber Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z fan. That is the only way to describe me. I have been a fan since the first day I heard "Feeling It." I was drawn in by the beat and completely moved by his voice and words. I was sold from that point on. I have every cd he has ever dropped. And, no I don't bootleg Mr. Carter. Nope, not ever lol. 

So, when I heard that he was finally releasing a book, I was ready. I was a happy as a kid with a new toy when I purchased this book. dream hampton is essentially his ghostwriter for "Decoded." This was another plus in my book. I am a fan of her writing. "Decoded" is a look into one of the best lyrical minds ever. Jay breaks down some of his best songs as well as a few relatively unknown tracks (to some). There are a few personal stories included in the book as well. I have about 50 pages left to read in the book.

I can honestly say that I like Jay even more after getting into his book. And, yes, I am way biased when it comes to him. I mean he is my favorite rapper, number one in my book. My #2 rapper is a far and distant second. I believe any one who is a fan of Hip-Hop in general could get alot of insight into the business from this book. So, get into "Decoded."

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